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Dear God It's Me is a community of women who have made the life decision to LIVE OUT LOUD.
They are BOLD, PURPOSE DRIVEN and aren't interested in playing small but to walk confidently in their light.
These women are committed to doing the inner work required to SHOW UP effectively in every season of their lives.
We are each a force on our own but TOGETHER we are a MOVEMENT grabbing hold of the next woman's hand.

"A girl should be two things, BOLD and PURPOSE DRIVEN"

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women find their self-worth and authentic selves in God. We want to give women the tools they need to live a life full of purpose, self-love and wellness. We strive to provide a community of support to women in the form of a sisterhood, built among women who too are on similar journeys with God.

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Our Mission

Meet The Founder

Raven Adams founded Dear God It’s Me on September 10th 2018. It was birthed during a season she was desperately trying to find her true identity in God and her purpose. She was tired of a repeated cycle of brokenness, self-doubt and unworthiness. During this time she drew closer to God and the digging begun as she began to uncover the woman He called her to be.

Raven learned what it meant to go through the process, as she was being pruned into position and purpose. As her journey continued, God brought back to her attention Dear God It’s Me a vision he had given her the year prior.

God revealed to Raven that now was the time, she was in alignment with his will and she wanted nothing more but to help other women find wholeness in God. Her passion is to advocate for women to do the inner work that will propel them into the next level and who God called them to be.

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